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How Psychotherapy can help...

Psychotherapy is the term psychologists and counsellors use to refer to 'treatment options' within your session. Essentially, this is the set of tools and techniques we will use to help your child feel better. 

Psychotherapy includes numerous techniques that you may have heard of, including CBT (Cognitive-behavioural therapy), psychoanalysis, psychodymanic therapy, gestalt therapy etc. We list the techniques we will use below, but rarely are they used in isolation. In most sessions, our therapists will incorporate numerous techniques and strategies across numerous psychological theories to provide the best possible outcome for your child. As much as we love and value our clients, our goal is that we help you so you don't need to keep seeing us! 

We understand that often you won't know which psychotherapy techniques will best help your or your child's situation, so we don't ask you to tell us upfront unless you would like to. We will get to know your child and will fully inform you of how we will help them, and what techniques we will use.

Our therapists are trained and skilled in the following psychotherapy techniques:

- CBT (Cognitive-behavioural therapy)
- Behaviour therapy
- Emotional regulation and management
- Play therapy
- Art therapy
- Symbolism
- Narrative storytelling
- Psychoanalysis
- Existential therapy
- Experiential therapy
- Gestalt therapy

These approaches can be used to delve into why thoughts and behaviours are occuring (i.e if there is a developmental reason, or previous trauma or unconcious memories influencing current feelings), or to take a forward facing approach of 'this is where we are now, how do we move forward and change your perceptions, thoughts or feelings'. 

Kid Centric uses games, toys and music to engage with children, especially young children who can't verbalise their thoughts and emotions. Research shows that children who have experienced trauma can only conceptualise the trauma at the developmental level they were when the trauma occured. For example, if a child was 2 when they experienced a traumatic event, they can only think about the trauma as a 2 year old would, meaning they are very unlikely to be able to verbalise what occured and how they felt. Games and role plays can often help children to acknowledge their traumatic event, and thereby start to process and work through it.

Kids love coming to see us!

Psychotherapy at Kid Centric is fun and engaging! Kids don't learn in the same way that adults do, so we take a developmentally appropriate approach to therapy sessions, and ensure that kids get the most benefit from our sessions. In fact, kids often don't realise that they're learning new coping skills, behaviour approaches and social skills - however, we can tell (often after only a few sessions!) that they are opening up, growing and developing as little people.

Types of Sessions


Music is so beneficial for all of us - put on our favourite song and our mood improves! We use this in sessions with children to create an environment rich in positivity.


Art is one form of creativity that we use to bond with children - no matter your artistic ability, it's soothing to draw, absent mindedly doodle, or set a goal to create a masterpiece!


Through play, feelings, thoughts and emotions are explored - we connect with your child to understand their interests and incorporate these into sessions.


Symbolism can, but doesn't have to be a way to identify your feelings. We use symbols to draw similarities in how children are feeling, opening a gateway to explore further feelings and actions.

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