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How Counselling can help...

Counselling can help people overcome many concerns, including depression and anxiety. Counselling is a talk-based therapy, however at Kid Centric we adapt this through Play Therapy to help your little one communicate in the way they know how - through play!

Counselling is beneficial for all forms of mental health, but can also be a great preventative measure, from ensuring your little one has a healthy mental focus to helping adolescents and young adults find their own path and walk healthily through to adulthood.

Kid Centric specialises in counselling (often combined with Psychotherapy) for:

- Childhood depression
- Anxiety (including Social Anxiety, General Anxiety, neurological disorders and neurodiverse children)
- LGTBQI+ youth counselling
- Suicidal children, suicide ideation
- Self-harm
- Survivors of abuse/sexual abuse
- Trauma
- Grief and loss
- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
- Meaning of life
- Bullying

Often our counsellors will work closely with our behaviour therapist on complementary therapies to help your child. Once we have a treatment approach, we may suggest splitting your session between counselling and behaviour support, and will always ensure a holistic, complimentary, and supportive approach.

Counselling can be traditional talk therapy, providing a space for your child (or yourself) to be heard. Counselling can also work by utilising psychotherapy techniques which have specific actions and outcomes - beneficial for those people who like having a plan with something specific to work towards. We work with you on the appraoch that best suits you, providing engaging activities to guide you through processing your thoughts, and achieving the outcome you desire!

Additionally, counselling is often beneficial for parents of children with presenting concerns. We provide a supportive, non-judgemental space for you to talk through your situation and your feelings, to help you to balance your own needs along with the needs of your children.

Kids love coming to see us!

At Kid Centric our whole team is dedicated to positive outcomes for you and your child! We want believe the best way to do this is to create an engaging, caring and supportive environment. We understand that children often communicate through play, so play is a big part of our therapy sessions. We have a range of toys, resources and technology to engage with your child to help the therapeutic process. 

Benefits of Counselling

Improved Self-esteem
Help with anxiety
Lessens depression
Coping mechanisms
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